Lifting Equipment Inspection

Safe operating practices call for care and vigilance when operating heavy lift and heavy pulling equipment. Cranes, hoists, slings and shackles all require regular inspection and certification to ensure the equipment in use meets the minimum requirements and standards for the industry. Personnel who operate the equipment also need proper training to ensure they understand the importance of safe operating practices.

AMOSCO carry out Thorough Examinations and inspections on your lifting equipment to ensure that it is fit for use in accordance with British Standards, or other International Standards of your choice. We also have a comprehensive and consistent platform for the reporting of inspection activities undertaken, and the presentation of subsequent reports and data to AMOSCO clients in digital form within a database structure.

Thorough Examination and Inspection for:

  • Wire Rope and Webbing Slings, Pad Eyes, Shackles,
  • Hooks, and Eyebolts
  • Containers, Baskets and Man Carrying Baskets
  • Tirfors, Chain Blocks, Hoists and Winches
  • Overhead Lifting Beams and Beam Clamps
  • Stabbing boards and Diver “A” frames
  • Life boats
  • Forklift trucks, Mobile and Pedestal cranes