Inspection & Maintenance of Tubulars

To prevent costly down hole failures, experience shows that it pays to check the condition of the drill pipe, casing and tubing strings prior to their installation into the well.
 AMOSCO inspection personnel have been trained and are qualified to locate the defects that cause failures, such as fatigue cracks, corrosion pits, handling damage and manufacturer’s defects.

Using purpose designed inspection equipment and proven techniques our inspectors will work to API specifications and recommended practices or to customer specifications, to separate acceptable tubulars from those needing repair or complete rejection.
 The following are some of the services available for inspection, maintenance and repair of drill pipe, down hole rotary equipment, rig parts, casing and tubing:

  • Electromagnetic Amoscope inspection
  • Ultrasonic inspection of drill pipe end areas
  • Electromagnetic Amoscan wall loss detection
  • Ultrasonic wall thickness spot checks
  • Magnetic particle inspections
  • Dye penetrant inspection of non ferrous materials
  • API thread gauging
  • Visual and dimensional controls
  • API Drifting
  • Coupling removal and application
  • Refacing and repair of connections
  • Straightening of bent pipe
  • Slot cutting and identification
  • Internal/External cleaning
  • Internal/External application of coatings
  • Radiography of conductor welds

If the service you are looking for is not listed here please contact us to discuss the matter – every effort will be made to meet your requirements.