AMOSCO Services

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» Engineering Contract Personnel

AMOSCO can provide highly qualified, experienced and well motivated people to work, short term for your company for the duration of a project.

» Inspection & Maintenance of Tubulars

To prevent costly down hole failures, experience shows that it pays to check the condition of the drill pipe, casing and tubing strings prior to their installation into the well. AMOSCO inspection personnel have been trained and are qualified to locate the defects that cause failures, such as fatigue cracks, corrosion pits, handling damage and manufacturer’s defects.

» Inspection & Non-Destructive Testing

AMOSCO provides a comprehensive range of non destructive testing services for welded structures, pipe lines, tanks and vessels.

» Lifting Equipment Inspection

AMOSCO carry out Thorough Examinations and inspections on your lifting equipment to ensure that it is fit for use in accordance with British Standards, or other International Standards of your choice. We also have a comprehensive and consistent platform for the reporting of inspection activities undertaken, and the presentation of subsequent reports and data to AMOSCO clients in digital form within a database structure.

» Machine Shop & Related Services

We offer “API”, “non-API” and welding and fabrication services.

» Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing

Guided Wave Ultrasonic Testing is a NDT method used to inspect pipework by employing mechanical stress waves that propagate along elongated structures while being guided by their boundaries, thereby allowing the waves to travel long distances with little loss in energy. AMOSCO has been providing this service to clients in the Middle East for a number of years.

» Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing

AMOSCO’s Techscope NDT Magnetic Flux Leakage detection service utilises state-of-the-art electromagnetic induction (EMI) data processing to obtain 100% flowline tube coverage through the use of hall effect sensors housed within the inspection head. The system is designed to detect transverse and 3-dimensional flaws, corrosion, pitting, mechanical damage, wall loss, erosion, and other anomalies.